Slovakia one step closer to acquiring the Barak MX air defence system

Slovakia one step closer to acquiring the Barak MX air defence system

The unsatisfactory state of air defence is one of the key issues currently being addressed by the Slovak Ministry of Defence. After Slovakia donated the S-300 PMU system and…

 21. 04. 2024
Slovak howitzers can succeed in two non-European countries

Slovak howitzers can succeed in two non-European countries

Self-propelled howitzers are one of the main products of the Slovak defence industry. The best known is the Zuzana 2, which is deployed in the Armed Forces of the Slovak…

 02. 04. 2024
Israel Aerospace Industries arms NATO countries with loitering munition

Israel Aerospace Industries arms NATO countries with loitering munition

In the last few years, armed conflicts have been increasingly influenced by the use of modern technologies and new means of conducting combat operations. One of the systems that…

 30. 03. 2024
Domestic defence industry - what it brings and why support it

Domestic defence industry - what it brings and why support it

Many countries of the European Union and the North Atlantic Alliance did not consider the defence industry as a promising industry and often had a negative and resistant attitude…

 17. 03. 2024
Jana Černochová's visit to Israel confirmed the high level of defence cooperation between the Czech Republic and Israel

Jana Černochová's visit to Israel confirmed the high level of defence cooperation between the Czech Republic and Israel

Bilateral relations between the Czech Republic and Israel have long been at a high level. One of the key areas of cooperation between the two countries has been defence and security…

 14. 02. 2024
U.S. Patriot systems in the Slovak Defence Ministry's spotlight

U.S. Patriot systems in the Slovak Defence Ministry's spotlight

Slovakia has long struggled with a lack of air defence capability. After donating its only S-300 PMU system and parts of the 2K12 KUB sets to the defending Ukraine, the allies…

 12. 02. 2024
Slovak Minister of Defence visited Azerbaijan, where he praised the products of the Slovak defence industry

Slovak Minister of Defence visited Azerbaijan, where he praised the products of the Slovak defence industry

Slovak Defence Minister Robert Kaliňák travelled to Azerbaijan a few days ago, where he met with President Ilham Aliyev, Defence Minister Zakir Hasanov and Defence Industry Minister…

 01. 02. 2024
Slovakia may join the joint purchase of Leopard 2A8 tanks

Slovakia may join the joint purchase of Leopard 2A8 tanks

During December, Czech Defence Minister Jana Černochová announced that the Czech Republic and Germany have started to approach countries across Europe that could participate in the joint…

 01. 01. 2024
Priorities of the new Slovak government in the field of defence and security

Priorities of the new Slovak government in the field of defence and security

The new government of the Slovak Republic received the confidence of the Parliament on Tuesday, 21 November, and nothing prevents it from governing the country for the next…

 04. 12. 2023
Arrow 3 as one of the key components of the European Sky Shield Initiative

Arrow 3 as one of the key components of the European Sky Shield Initiative

One of the responses of European countries to the ongoing war in Ukraine is the creation of a common robust, multi-layered air defence. This idea, which Germany…

 15. 11. 2023
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