New generation of Tatra Force series for military use will premiere at Eurosatory 2024

 14. 06. 2024      category: Military vehicles
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At this year's Eurosatory, Tatra Trucks is planning to present the latest 3rd generation of the Tatra Force model series in the version for the armed forces in a world premiere. The new model will be equipped with modern engines, advanced on-board electronics and will also bring greater safety or a higher level of ergonomics and control. In Paris, it will be presented in a version with a standard cab, while armoured cabs will be available later.

Foto: Tatra Force 8x8 s prodlouženou kabinou a univerzálním kontejnerovým nakladačem | Tatra Trucks
Picture: Tatra Force 8x8 with extended cab and universal container loader | Tatra Trucks

The most visible element of the latest 3rd generation of the Tatra Force model range is the newly designed cabins, both in short (two-door) and long (four-door) versions with a number of superior safety features, improved interior or digitized dashboard and modern electronics. Compared to the previous generation, the cabs have a redesigned skeleton with modern design features for increased occupant safety and improved visibility. The two- and four-door cabins will be variable, so the carmaker will offer a low version, which will facilitate passages in low profiles, but also, for example, loading into large-capacity transport aircraft, etc., as well as a version with a higher ceiling.

The digitized dashboard meets all current ergonomic requirements and will be de facto the same as in the Tatra Force civilian vehicles. It will be a combination of conventional switches and control via a graphical interface (flat panel display), which will make it possible to group the currently required data in one place without the need to deploy another set of displays in the cabin. A multifunction steering wheel will be used at the driver's station, and air-suspension seats can now be installed in the cab (depending on the size of the tyres used).

Foto: Tatra Force 3. generace v základním provedení se standardní kabinou | Tatra Trucks
Picture: Tatra Force 3rd generation in basic version with standard cab | Tatra Trucks

The 3rd generation of the Tatra Force series, like the previous generation, is designed with the possibility of installing weatherproof cabs in mind. Therefore, the vehicles will be equipped with interchangeable elements of cab mounting and folding, and the wiring of electrical and air bundles will be adapted so that the standard cab can be quickly and easily exchanged for a hardened cab even in field conditions. This is also the reason why Tatra will no longer offer mechanical transmission control but only electronic.

The chassis has the proven Tatra concept with a central load tube and swinging independently suspended semi-axles. Thanks to this - and the above-average approach angles - the third generation Tatra Force is expected to have even better handling characteristics on paved roads and off-road than the second generation. The new generation of Tatra Force will be offered in 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 axle configurations as standard, with the option of either drum or disc brakes on all wheels. However, as with previous generations, multi-axle versions will also be available with different numbers of driven and steerable axles.

Foto: Do základní nabídky nejnovější generace řady Tatra Force bude patřit podvozek 4x4 | Tatra Trucks
Picture: The basic offer of the latest generation of the Tatra Force series will include a 4x4 chassis | Tatra Trucks

Compared to the previous generation of the Tatra Force series, the new one will offer the option of alternative engine mounting under the front of the cab above the front axle or under the rear of the cab behind the front axle. If the engine is installed at the front, the cab will be 110 mm higher than if the power unit is installed at the rear. The position of the engine will be matched by a bonnet with one or two vents.  Both Tatra Force air-cooled engines and liquid-cooled engines of foreign origin will be able to be installed under the Tatra Force cabs. For the front-engined versions, the cooling system of selected liquid-cooled engines can now be placed under the cab at the front, thus eliminating the need to install cooling behind the cab, a distinctive feature of the second generation Force series.

In the case of the Tatra engines, either an electronically controlled 340 kW air-cooled V8 or a 440 kW twelve-cylinder engine will be available (both engines will retain the option of using standard F-34 military fuel or high-sulphur diesel), both meeting Euro 3 or alternatively Euro 5 standards. Especially for foreign buyers, liquid-cooled Cummins engines will also be offered (in the range of displacement from 7 to 15 litres). A completely new feature is the use of the 9.3 litre Caterpillar C9.3B engine, whose interesting feature is the possibility of switching it to combat mode while driving, increasing its power from 392 kW to 447 kW and torque up to 2250 Nm. 

The engines can be mated to Tatra ten or 14-speed gearboxes with improved electronic shifting. The new range includes a twelve-speed ZF TraXon automatic transmission and a ZF EcoLife 2 automatic version. 

Further development of the Tatra Force family of vehicles is also moving towards the use of alternative drive types for military purposes, within the range branded as e-Drive. For example, Tatra is working on hybrid vehicles with an internal combustion engine and an electric motor that could use pure electric propulsion in combat and otherwise exposed areas to reduce the sound and infrared footprint, or vehicles where the internal combustion engine acts as a range extender.

 Author: Daniel Potocký

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