Key companies of the Czech defence and security industry on the NATO days

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The Leoš Janáček Ostrava Airport will be open for the general public this weekend. Together with a series of dynamic expositions, visitors can also see inexhaustible number of equipment of the domestic defence industry. We are going to introduce several the most important Czech companies here, including the portfolio of their products.

Picture: The Leoš Janáček Ostrava Airport will be open for the general public this weekend |

Fortunately, we live in a country where democracy, calmness and peace domineer; although we should keep thinking of a backdoor. The Czech Republic is historically ranked among the best in the field of heavy industry (including the military industry), and that is true in some measure till now. Thanks to some companies, a wide spectrum of high-quality products is manufactured in our territory, which has a strong weight round the world. No matter if it concerns of completely Czech products, services or cooperation within international projects. We can see expositions of some Czech companies and their products on public presentations, which include not only NATO Days, but also such actions as Bahna, Tank Day in Lešany, etc.

Not only production, however, is expected from companies but also social responsibility. Companies are able to respond to crisis situations, and in case of crisis or war to create arming capacities to ensure striking power of the country. Apart from that, these are employers which give work for thousands of people, contribute to public cultural actions (Karlovy Vary Film Festival, etc.) and – thus – are integral part of our country. Let’s look at the most significant Czech companies.

Czechoslovak Group

Czechoslovak Group (CSG) is a holding continuing traditions of the Czechoslovak industry. It supports development of traditional Czech and Slovak companies, which are focused on defence and civil industrial production and trade. More than 8,200 employees work in enterprises included in the CSG holding. The main branches of CSG are machine-building, automotive, railway, aviation and defence industries. Thanks to the strong pro-export orientation of the holding, we can meet with products of CSG on all continents, and a number of its customers continues to grow. The production portfolio is large-scale: from watches through train brakes to cargo trucks. No less important field are radar and navigation systems for the civil and defence industry.

The holding includes:

Tatra Trucks, a.s.
Manufacture of trucks for the army, building, mining, forestry, agricultural industries and fire-fighting. Military special trucks with a possibility of higher ballistic protection of the crew, special technical solutions of vehicles according to individual customer’s requirements. Equally important part is also a special branch in a form of Tatra Defence Vehicle, a.s., which has exclusive rights for the production, sale and maintenance of a family of the PANDUR II armoured vehicles for the Czech Republic and other selected markets in East Europe and Asia. It develops and manufactures armoured vehicles based on the TATRA chassis and cooperates with the same brand in the production of armoured vehicles of the Titus type. Of cause, warranty and after-warranty service, delivery of spare parts, training of screws and service teams, complex ensuring of the whole life cycle of the vehicles are matter of fact.

Tatra Tactic 2019Picture: Tatra Tactic

Excalibur Army, spol. s r.o
It is a producer and supplier of ground equipment for safety and security units. It ensures sale and production of spare parts for military wheeled and tracked equipment, as well as complex service and modernization of well-proven types of fighting vehicles and spare parts. It offers new types of equipment, which are a product of its own development.

Patriot II
Picture: EXCALIBUR ARMY is going to bring the PATRIOT II 4x4 armoured vehicle on the NATO Days

ELDIS Pardubice, s.r.o
It manufactures aviation surveillance radar equipment (SRE), precise approach search radars (ASR) and air traffic control system. It offers customized solutions for customers in more than 25 countries in the world. The company ensures all phases of delivery of radars – from development of technology, through production, software, to installation and service of the equipment for the whole product life time. Radars from ELDIS Pardubice are also used by the Air traffic control of the Czech Republic on civil airports and the Czech Ministry of Defence on military airports. ELDIS Pardubice covers by its radars, for example, more than 90% airspace of India

Picture: ELDIS will present its portfolio of the active radars and systems, which are determined for the air traffic control and the control on airports. The picture shows the PAR-E precision approach radar.

KARBOX, s.r.o
The Company is engaged in proposals and production of certified container turn-key solutions. The offer among others contains special containers and container workplaces and box-type superstructures for the military and civil customers. It also provides complex service, repair of containers and superstructures. The company has its own design and research department.

Enumeration of all companies, including production of watches, data-link systems etc. would occupy a lot of place; that’s why - with regard to the safety and defence industry - we are presenting just a shortened portfolio. All companies and reviews of the CSG holding are presented at the official pages of the holding.

Česká zbrojovka a.s.

Nowadays, the company employs about 2,000 employees and is settled in Uherský Brod. This is literally an iconic manufacturer of small arms. The company exports 95 per cent of the armament production to hundreds of countries. The Česká zbrojovka company is ranked among the ten biggest manufacturers of small arms in the world and five which produce automatic weapons. It is an essential partner for the domestic defence industry. Not only pistols have a name in the world, for example, CZ-75 in different variants, modern pistols CZ-P07, P09 and P-10C, plus tens of others.

Picture: New models of CZ P-10 - CZ P-10 F, CZ P-10 SC and CZ P-10 S series | CZUB

The BREN 2 army assault rifles achieve success and good public acceptance all over the world, not to mention the modern Scorpion EVO 3 machine riffle, which are used by armed units and in almost twenty countries of the world. But the Zbrojovka company in Uherský Brod, thanks to its professionalism, also significantly contributes to the aviation and automotive industry. It is engaged in thermal processing and surface treatment.

Picture: CZ BREN 2 assault rifle | CZUB

Among other significant companies, there are VOP CZ and VTÚ state enterprises. We mustn’t forget about ERA Pardubice, Meopta, Interlink, Ray Service, SVOS, EVPÚ Defence, Explosia, Glomex and other companies.

 Author: Patrik Beran

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