EVPÚ and EVPÚ Defence succeeded at the prestigious international trade fair IDET 2023

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EVPÚ a. s. and EVPÚ Defence have had a successful presentation at one of the most prestigious European defence technology fairs – IDET in Brno. This is evidenced by the IDET 2023 gold award, which they received for the SUMO-C900 cooled thermal imaging camera.

The fair was attended by more than 30 thousand defence industry experts, including members of foreign delegations from 35 countries. EVPÚ a.s. and EVPÚ Defence also presented the latest, tenth version of their time-tested and improved technological pride – the Turra 30 remote-controlled turret. It was exhibited together with an independent command sight.

evpu_01Picture: EVPÚ a.s. and EVPÚ Defence also presented the latest, tenth version of their time-tested and improved technological pride - the remote-controlled Turra 30 turret. | Michal Pivoňka / CZ DEFENCE

This remote-controlled weapon system is used on light wheeled or tracked armoured and combat vehicles. It is primarily used as part of the combat superstructure of infantry vehicles that are designed to perform combat and special missions, both within their own combat formation and in the depth of an adversary's combat formation. "We are continuously improving this class-leading technology together with our partners who have been using its services for years," said Michal Pavlík, CEO of EVPÚ a. s.

Thanks to innovations, Turra 30 is now significantly lighter than its predecessors while maintaining the same effective ballistic protection. The turret has a full range of armament, which includes the 30mm automatic cannon type MK-44S Bushmaster II or GTS-30/A. It also includes a SPIKE LR/LR-2 anti-tank guided set, a 7.62mm machine gun of the FN MAG or PKT type, and GALIX or TUČA type smoke grenades. The new version can also integrate an active protection system. "We also have a ready-made solution for fighting drones, which gives soldiers an advantage in a modern combat environment," notes Michal Pavlík, adding that EVPÚ a. s. is developing the system further. To increase the firepower of the Turra 30 turret, cooperation with Northrop Grumann is currently underway to integrate programmable munitions into the fire control system.

One of the imperatives for the development of the remotely controlled turret is to protect the lives of the crew of the vehicle on which it is deployed. Therefore, it also has the munitions located outside the crew compartment so that soldiers are not immediately endangered if it explodes. Another protection of their lives and health is the location of the crew outside the turret area.

In addition to the latest version of the Turra 30 turret, EVPÚ a. s. and EVPÚ Defence have introduced other products and services that contribute to increasing the efficiency and safety of military operations, such as the Gladius weapon station with a 12.7 mm machine gun, which is being introduced in the Czech Army.

evpu_02Picture: Gladius weapon station with 12.7 mm machine gun | Michal Pivoňka / CZ DEFENCE

evpu_03Picture: MANTIS MINI weapon station from EVPÚ Defence with a 7.62 mm machine gun installed on an off-road vehicle | Michal Pivoňka / CZ DEFENCE

As well as the SSFC300 Energy Container – a frequency converter for powering all types of equipment operating within NATO, which will make its exhibition debut at IDEB 2023 in Bratislava. This new and powerful solution for various types of military launchers is being developed in cooperation with the Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic.

The successful presentation of the sister companies EVPÚ a. s. and EVPÚ Defence at IDET 2023 is evidenced by the great interest in their exhibits, in addition to the IDET 2023 gold award. The IDET Gold Award went to the SUMO-C900 cooled thermal imaging camera, which detects a person at a distance of more than 20 km. According to the evaluation of a committee of defence and security experts, this camera had excellent technical parameters and innovative features for observation in harsh conditions.

IMG_1186Picture: The GOLD IDET 2023 was won by the SUMO-C900HD cooled thermal imaging camera from EVPÚ Defence | Michal Pivoňka / CZ DEFENCE

"We are, of course, delighted with this award. So is the interest in our products and the opportunity to strengthen relationships with partners. I am convinced that the mutual discussions during the fair enriched all of us and gave us a lot of impetus for further work," said Ivan Buday, CEO of EVPÚ Defence.

IDET_2023_0137Picture: Exhibition area of sister companies EVPÚ a. s. and EVPÚ Defence at IDET 2023 | EVPÚ

 Author: Martin Šiška

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