CZS 15 - TRITON: Introducing New Reinforced Czech Water Tenders

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At the end of 2019, two water tenders were delivered to the Rescue Unit of the FRS CR, which were ceremonially handed over and introduced in mid-February this year in the presence of the Minister of the Interior and the management of the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic. It is a reinforced water tender with the designation CZS 15 and a large-capacity water tender with the designation CV 40. In the following article, I will introduce you the first of the two water tenders, which will become part of the Rescue Unit module of the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic for fire fighting in hazardous areas and forest fires.

Picture: Reinforced water tender CZS 15 |

The vehicle is designed primarily for fighting fires in hazardous areas and forest fires. What is considered a hazardous area in this case are places with high risk for the intervening fire-fighters such as industrial production and warehouse areas, warehouses for dangerous substances and ammunition, areas where there is a risk of explosion and could endanger the crews of fire trucks with flying mechanical parts for example.  Based on its technical parameters, it is a vehicle designed for movement and reconnaissance in very demanding conditions with the possibility of carrying out a fire-fighting action even without the need to leave the vehicle. The car is designed to operate in the same spaces and environments as the CZS 40 (TITAN), but due to its design and dimensions, it is able to get further through the terrain and also move in cramped conditions.

Video: Presentation of the new equipment (including the water tender CZS 15 TRITON) for fire fighting in hazardous areas | YouTube

The length of the vehicle is 6,271 mm, width 2,550 mm, the height in the driving state of the chassis 2,760 mm and the total weight is 16 tons. The water tender is able to reach the speed of up to 110 km/h on paved roads. The clear height under the axles is 350 mm when the car is driven, the approach angle is almost 48°, the departure angle is over 40°. From the stated parameters it is clear that the car is also designed for movement in difficult terrain.

The car has a two-axle TATRA chassis with a wheelbase of 3,650 mm with attachable front axle drive.  The on-demand drive is linked electropneumatically and serves as an inter-axle differential lock. Both axles are equipped with axle differential lock and telescopic shock absorbers. The front axle has a load bearing capacity of 8,000 kg, the rear axle of 10,000 kg. Pendulum half-axles are equipped with air suspension and torsion stabilizer. The height of the vehicle can be changed within the range of +80/-110 mm using regulation of air pressure in the bellows air springs, which can be done from the cab. These changes will make it possible to lower the overall height of the vehicle so it can pass under an obstacle, or increase the clear height under the axles so it can drive comfortably through the terrain.

Picture: The car has a two-axle TATRA chassis with a wheelbase of 3,650 mm with attachable front axle drive|

High level of protection of the vehicle crew is ensured thanks to the use of armoured cab. Its design is based on military requirements and the manufacturer guarantees resistance to mechanical damage at the level of ballistic protection in level 2 according to STANAG 4569 standardization agreement. However, the protection against effects of blast pressure, flying mechanical parts or falling trees is not the only safety feature of the cab. It is also pressurized and hermetically sealed with a filter ventilation system to protect the operator from hazardous substances and combustion products.

The cargo compartment of the car contains a water tank, a fire pump and storage space for fire equipment and vehicle equipment. The 2,000 litre water tank is made of polyester reinforced by glass fibre. The amount of water in the tank is displayed in the cabin and the crew is alerted by an acoustic signal when it drops below 10 % of the total capacity. Filling the tank is possible from an external pressure source through the B75 filler neck located at the back of the car.

Picture: The dashboard of a CZS 15 TRITON fire engine |

The vehicle contains the THT PJA 1 500 fire pump with the nominal flow rate of 1,500 l/min and with the pressure of 1.0 MPa. The pump is driven by the transmission power take-off, which can also be used when the vehicle is travelling at speeds of up to 10 km/h. The pump is operated from the crew cabin. The water from the pump is distributed to the master stream in the front part of the vehicle, to the nozzle system for spraying and cooling the vehicle, and also to the displacement with the C52 connector at the back of the vehicle.

The crew can use the FLIR K 55 hand-held thermal imaging camera for reconnaissance and effective extinguishing, and the portable Gas Alert Micro 5-PID device to detect hazardous substances outside the cab. As mentioned above, there are also four Dräger Pascolt isolating breathing apparatus with 3-liter cylinders in the vehicle. There are also two Survivor Atex LED lamps in the vehicle's charging compartment, binoculars and small accessories.

Picture: The camera system in the CZS 15 TRITON vehicle |

To increase the car's protection against radiant heat, the crew can use the water nozzles on the roof. They are filled with water from the tank, which can be sprayed and cool the body of the vehicle. For a better overview, the commander has at his post an indicator of the surface temperature of the vehicle.

The vehicle is equipped with lights to illuminate the surroundings of the superstructure and also with additional fire lamps directed to both sides and the back, each with a luminous flux of 5,000 lm. At the front of the car roof, there is a rotating search light with a luminous flux of 3000 lm, which is operated from the cab, and another light is installed as a part of the master streams.

Video: Reinforced water tender CZS 15 TRITON and its "brother", universal armoured vehicle Patriot II 4x4 PATRIOT II | YouTube

The reinforced water tender CZS 15 was purchased for the Rescue unit of the FRS CR from the state budget for CZK 13,430,295 including VAT, with the support of the Ministry of Finance.

Picture: All-purpose armoured vehicle Patriot II 4x4 | EA

The design of the above mentioned unique TRITON fire-fighting vehicle is based on the PATRIOT II 4x4 military special. This second generation, like its predecessor Patriot 4x4, is a modular concept vehicle and falls in the category of vehicles weighing 13 to 17.5 tons. Thanks to its universality and modularity, Patriot II is the eligible vehicle for combat, patrol or reconnaissance deployment. It constitutes an applicable platform for command, communication, anti-chemical or medical vehicles as well as weapon systems carrier.

 Author: Petr Žák

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