Active Military Police Reservists Gained Experience at the International Trade Fair IDET

 10. 06. 2019      category: Active Reserve
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In spite of the fact that the main program of the IDET International Defence and Security Technologies Fair in Brno lasted for three days, military policemen, including sixteen active reservists, provided protection to VIPs, exhibitors and visitors for 14 days, i.e. until 4th June, when the follow-up event Safety Day – Rescuers for Children – ended. 

Picture: VIP Parking Lot | npor. Nikola Hájková,

Active reservists were involved in the task accomplishment of the police protection that included patrolling, guarding the VIP entrance or VIP parking lot, etc.  Not only the Minister of Defence and the Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic, but also a number of prominent political and military representatives of the Czech Republic and from abroad, take part in the Trade Fair every year.

They broadened their expert knowledge 

“Our aim was to broaden the expertise of members of the Active Reserve in the field. They were involved as much as possible. They were patrolling with professional policemen, and I have to say that they did great,” commented the Deputy Commander of the Police Security of the IDET Trade Fair, Miroslav Žádník, on their activity.

Picture: Active Reserve Patrol of Military Police at the VIP Entrance  | npor. Nikola Hájková,

Furthermore, military policemen with colleagues from the Active Reserve took care of transfer of ammunition, weapons and material, or escorting and guidance of oversized technology. They coordinated briefings several times a day and evaluated the task completion.

Picture: VIP Parking Lot Inspection | npor. Nikola Hájková,

They provided personal protection to the officials

Members of the Escort Department of the Protective Services Headquarters of the Military Police (VeOSVP), who provided personal protection to the officials of foreign Defence Departments, were also fully engaged. “Military policemen worked on the police protection of the IDET Trade Fair day and night. The proof of the well-done job is its smooth process,” looked back Provost Marshal, Colonel of General Staff, Miroslav Murček, at the Trade Fair.

Picture: Surveillance Room | npor. Nikola Hájková,

All the headquarters of the Military Police participated in the police protection of the IDET. The Major of the Military Police General Headquarters, Lubomír Štarha, was the Chief of Police Security. The core of the group consisted of members of the Military Police Headquarters in Olomouc, who, along with the representatives of the Military Police Headquarters in Tábor, and the Protective Services Headquarters of the Military Police (VEOSVP), participated, among other things, in the electronic surveillance of designated premises, patrolling activities, etc. Moreover, members of the VeOSVP Airport Protection Department kept an eye on the security of the event by means of special surveillance systems at night.

Picture: Special Surveillance Vehicles | npor. Nikola Hájková,

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